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The insert that forms the "eye" of an hour hand is made of solid gold, which has been stricken with diamonds. It is held in place by the Omega De Ville Replica precision of the fit. Omega De Ville Replica The eye has an asymmetrical design. It taper the volume from the dial center to the tip of each hand. The solid gold canons that make up the center of the hands are made on a precision lathe. They are then mirror polished. Because of their shape, they cannot be polished by hand. For a Omega De Ville Replica perfect fit, the arms of the hands are carefully riveted around the canons. Although it may seem like a simple design element, the final result is a complex technical process and lengthy human operations. The Urban Jurgensen 1140RG's signature Omega De Ville Replica "teardrop-lugs" are more than just lugs. Luxury watchmaking uses a highly efficient industrial process to machine lugs. However, cases can also be made using a stamping process which is faster and cheaper. Urban Jurgensen watches have Omega De Ville Replica "teardrop" lugs that are individually forged and heat-treated. They are then hand-polished and soldered to the watch case in a manner that makes the soldering line virtually invisible.

These "teardrop-lug" lugs are formed by a series of 5 to 8 cycles. The final form of a Omega Replica Watches paired teardrop set is then forged under 50 tons of pressure. After this process is completed, the paired plugs are Omega De Ville Replica separated from the base and carefully ground to ensure a perfect fit for case soldering. This process of soldering is secretive and results in perfect angles for all lugs simultaneously. There is no visible soldering line. This is possible on a variety of Omega De Ville Replica materials, including platinum, white gold and yellow gold. In the case of Urban Jurgensen 1140RG it is pink gold. Omega De Ville Replica However, each material has a different melting point, so care must be taken when soldering.

Omega De Ville Replica

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The hand-decorated movement Urban Jurgensen 1140RG has more to it than a case. It also includes a dial, hands,swiss replica watches lugs, and dial. This is what watchmakers call the habillage, which is the exterior parts of a watch. The 1140RG movement is also great. The Calibre P4 Omega De Ville Replica proprietary movement, manufactured by Chronode and exclusive to the brand, is simple. It beats at 3Hz/21,600vph. There are some refinements, however. For example, a twin-barrel (for power reserve - 72h), a stop-second, and it is adjusted in an exact Omega De Ville Replica way. All of this is merely incidental. This movement is worth a look because of the finishing and decoration. Omega De Ville Replica Urban Jurgensen once again chose not to go for the easy route.

Let's get crescendo. Let's start with the Geneva stripes. These stripes are made by humans, not CNC machines. They also show a particular pattern radiating from the balance wheel's center - this pattern Omega De Ville Replica seamlessly transfers between bridges. Next, there are the engravings. The engravings are usually done to some extent on most movements. They include the manufacturer's name, number of jewels and reference. You can see the unique number applied to a Omega De Ville Replica screwed plate. This plate is also decorated. Next, sinks are installed and screws are added. The jewels are placed in polished sinks. Heat-blued screws are heated and the heads are Omega De Ville Replica hand-polished. This is a unique technique that can only be found in haute-horlogerie.